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Nikki& Simon
These photos are truly wonderful. You have done a brilliant job and we are so grateful.
Looking at these photos has just brought the events to life again for us.
Thank you.
How best do you suggest we share these photos with friends and family? Is there a link I can send? Or a website I can send on for everyone to access?
Also, how best would you suggest we go about getting our favourites printed? Do we send the link to a print studio? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
Again, we are so so happy with your work.
I will also add that my editor friend has seen these and is also very impressed. I will let you know details of the magazine when it goes to print and send you a copy.

Courtney & Will
After much anticipation we finally viewed our wedding pictures! We are in awe. Much of the day is a blur from the excitement but seeing the pictures brought the day back to life for us both. You have an amazing way of capturing raw emotions and moments that we will cherish forever. Several times Will remembered something funny that you said and laughed all over again looking through the pictures. You were amazing to work with and the pictures couldn’t be better.
Adequate gratitude cannot be expressed so I will stop rambling. Please know that your work is wonderful and I know that you will continue to be successful in providing artistic photographs that are enjoyed by anyone with the privilege of seeing them.

Abundant appreciation,
Courtney & Will

Nadja and David

Hello George,
We are thrilled! The pictures are fantastic and we love them very much. It is so beautiful that our experiences and the wedding were captured exactly as we witnessed them. And so we were able to relive all the emotions of this wonderful day.
We would like to thank you again for the professional and friendly work of you and your team. It was an honour for us to get to know you!

Kristina and Chris

Hi George!
Chris and I have just finished looking through our wonderful photos that you took. We are beyond delighted with them – you captured the moments perfectly and we now have these memories to treasure forever. Thank you so much for all your hard work on the day and for sending the pictures through so speedily, we appreciate it.
I’d love to leave you a review, let me know where I can post one.

Thanks again!

Asena & Paul

Hi George,
I hope you are well and happy holidays to you! I greatly appreciate all
Your hard work and we can’t be more pleased with our photos. I looked at them previously and still looking at them today. I have forwarded to family and friends who are delighted to view them too. I’ve received so many compliments about the photos. You have done an extraordinary job, I couldn’t be more happier to have you as my photographer. I went to a store to make a few copies to make albums today. I will be distributing our photos and so excited to have them to look back to. I am reliving those moments when I visit the photos time and time again. Thank you so much!!


I have been meaning to email you and keep forgetting 😉 Thank you SO much for getting our wedding photos over so swiftly. They look INCREDIBLE! We couldn’t have asked for an easier and amazing experience from you and your team. We really appreciate how great of a job you all did.

Mary &Spencer

George – they are absolutely wonderful! Every shot is more beautiful than the next!
You definitely captured our silly, happy, loving vibe. I appreciate all of your hard work and wouldn’t hesitate to use you again in the future – maybe if we head back out for an anniversary trip, ha!!
Thanks again – you’re truly talented and we are very happy with everything!

Matt and Jen

Hello George,
Thank you so much for the slide show and the stills! They have been big hits with our families. Or do I say family now?
We love the photos, and it was really amazing to relive the entire process, and see all the great locations! I am not sure if we fully appreciated the area when we were there, so your knowledge of the area really helps us keep exploring such a beautiful area!
Thank you for your patience with us, Jen and I felt guilty during our dinner because we weren’t sure how much we gave you to work with. You really did an amazing job of capturing the day, and the photos really feel authentic to who we are.
Thanks again

Hallie & Alex

Dear George,
Hope you are well.
We have downloaded all photos and we’d like to say they are really really amazing, we love the photos so much. Although Alex was extremely nervous confronting the camera, it turned out that he looks great in the photos!! We chose you because we really like your unique style, the style with aesthetically balanced composition and strong emotions lies behind each photo. We have shared our photos with our friends and families, and they all fell in love with your work, most of them said they’ve never seen such beautiful wedding photos before, they look like scenes from a romantic movie.
Thank you so much for capturing the most precious moments of our life. We truly enjoyed our experience working with you.
We wish you a wonderful and successful year ahead.

Mariana and Ricardo

Dear George,

look at Mariana and Ricardo’s reaction to your work:
Hi, Dears!!
Thank you very much for Replying it to me. I am enchanted with George’s vision. He is really an artist! My hole family absolutely loved, he captured phenomenal moments, very touching to see the photos.
Please send my congratulations to his art, and I’m not satisfied I am surprised cause he succeeded my expectations.
Thank you very much!

Julia & Christian

Hi George. Wow, thanks a million! We are overwhelmed by the photos and love every single picture! You are really awesome! Selecting photos for the thank you cards and the picture book will be really difficult now as we would love to take each photo. Once again, thank you so so much!!! We can not wait to share the photos with our friends and families now.

Nicole & Matt

Hello George!
The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Really magical and just WOW.
To be honest with you I was very worried about the wedding photos, ******** really let us down on the day (in many ways) and I was terrified that those things would reflect in the photos and leave us with sour memories. Although some of these things have inevitably featured in the photos, there are so many stunning pictures it has really lifted my spirits and put my mind anxieties to rest. We now have many wonderful (and positive) memories of our wedding that we can cherish for the rest of our lives and for that I am very grateful you were there to capture them. They really are something very special and we looked and felt like celebrities if just for one day!
There are some personal shots for me that are missing but that again was down to the wedding planners disorganisation and not you. The pictures themselves are beautifully framed and were exactly the mood and natural style we were looking for. Too many beautiful pictures to name favourites but for me the post-ceremony ones really stand out. The light and setting just made the perfect combination. A dream come true…
I have attached a few pictures for you too. I don’t know if you remember but we bumped into my friend during a part of the shoot. She took a few photos of you taking photos so I thought I would share them with you.
I hope you are well and you are getting on top of your summer backlog. We really enjoyed working with you and are very glad we chose you as our photographer on our special day.

Robyn & Linhn

Hi George,
Thank you so much for the photos. They are incredible! I always knew you they would be as I love ALL your work!!
I have shared with a few of my friends and family and they’ve said that you are just sooo good!! So thank you for capturing everything for those 2 days!
My hair doesn’t look too bad in the pre-shoot photos – so I’m happy about that lol.
Thank you again!

Dina and Sherif

George – these photos are truly incredible. Thank you SO much for capturing our special weekend so perfectly 🙂 It was really a pleasure working with you and you have definitely lived up to your reputation 😉
We have only managed to scan through them quickly but they have put a huge smile on my face and brought back such beautiful memories, so thank you again.

Margarita & Pavel

Hi George!

You are so awesome! Thank you so much for the photos. I knew they were going to be amazing but they were next level 😀

Adele and Doug

Hi George,

WOW!!! The photographs are truly wonderful – we absolutely LOVE them, we honestly couldn’t be happier! Your work is simply superb! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
We thoroughly enjoyed working with you on our very special day!

Lisa & Ashleigh

Hi George,
Thanks so much for getting the photos to us as quickly we really appreciate your hard work. We have been engrossed in the photos for hours they are amazing, we love them. They have captured the day so well, and they really give a sense of the emotions of the day and the amazing time had by all.
We have so much gratitude for everything you have done in creating this amazing part of our Wedding that we will treasure forever.

Ruba & Saad

Mr. George,
The photos are TOTALLY AMAZING. Wow!
The locations are breathtaking and the way you choose where to take a photo is stunning!
We absolutely loved every single one of them.
You’re such a genius talented photographer 🙂
Thank you so so much for the best photoshoot and best photos.
Looking forward to another photo-session with you.
Happy new year and good luck

Olimpio, and Christine

Hi George!
Christine and I just looked at the photos the moment we woke up. (Haha I’m going to be late for work now since I can’t stop looking at them!).
Needless to say… they look absolutely fabulous!! Wow. We are both speechless. And amazed that you made us look this good! 😉 But really, everything, from the colors to the scenery and all the angles and moods, we are quite humbled and overjoyed! Thank you for sharing your gift with us and making our wedding pictures look beautiful and timeless.
Oh yes, and my portrait pictures look perfect!
Hehe we now have the challenge of selecting which ones to show our family and friends – it’s not going to be easy! 🙂
Thank you!!

Angela & Nicki Sneddon

Dear George,
We spent Sunday afternoon going through all of your amazing photographs. They exceeded our expectations by 100000%!!! We absolutely adore them. Your work is beautiful, you managed to capture each moment and emotion so perfectly. We were speechless and blown away. We decided to omit using an arch way or any floral arrangements during the ceremony, we were unsure of how the photos would turn out given that most others you see extravagant arrangements and beautiful decor. However, we are so glad that we didn’t have anything there than just the two of us and that gorgeous backdrop which you highlighted so beautifully. After all that moment is purely about two people and your photos really captured that. Our photo shoot pictures look like a fairytale and really portray what we were feeling that very day. The way you used the light at sunset is spectacular. In the evening the pictures are brilliant – the composition of everyone dancing and having a great time really highlights how much fun the night was! We are glad you enjoyed our music choices 🙂 We can’t thank you enough!
It was an absolutely pleasure to work with you, you are a very genuine, gracious, polite and professional person. We did not feel uncomfortable in the least, you made us feel at ease and for most of the time we were not even aware that you were there!! You and the gentleman (I can’t remember his name!!) worked so well together, you were a great team! It was a pleasure to have you both there. It is so special for us to have those moments captured so beautifully that we will keep as our treasured memories forever.
Nicki picked you as our photographer and I am so thankful that he chose you!! He loved your work from the get go and you stood out for him. He was most certainly right!!
It was the best day of our lives and now we have the most amazing photographs that we will look back on for years and years to come. Thanks to you.
We do hope one day we can meet again, who knows maybe we will be renewing our vows in 10 years time in Santorini (we adore the island – it now feels like our second home) and we will come looking for you in the hope that you are still working your magic!
Forever grateful

Dimitrios and May

Hello George,
I am really really sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Its been a crazy week at work and did get a chance around it.
The pictures are incredible!!! We love them. You have captured incredible moments. You have captured a lot of emotions and we are very happy with the result. We saw the slideshow a few times and it feels just like it felt that day. We shared with our families as well and they are all touched. We are very happy with what you produced. Everything you promised us was definitely delivered in your work. We really really appreciate all your hard work and your commitment to making this special day for us memorable. Thank you for everything.

Faye and Michael

Wow!! I expected pretty great photos but these are breathtaking. the thoughtfulness you put into our day and every shot you took, can been seen in each photos. I can feel the emotion coming through each picture. You are truly talented and we are so grateful to you.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


GEORGE!! These photos are amazing!
We spent the day yesterday watching and re-watching the slideshow with our families.
You’ve captured some truly amazing moments – and thanks to you, we’ll be able to relive them again and again.
We are soooooo happy with the way they came out – you’re a true artist.
Thanks so much for being a part of our day – it definitely wouldn’t have been the same without you. xx


I cannot even begin to put into words how incredibly breathtakingly beautiful these photos are. We are in absolute awe and couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much! Looking through these photographs brought me back to our wedding day, and it reminded me exactly why I fell in love with your photography to begin with. Not only that, but your presence at our wedding helped make it the special day that it was. You have an incredible talent and your work is beyond amazing!

Thank you again!

Andriana & Alexander

Well I thought I’d had written another review for you…but couldn’t remember- Some out of town family wanted to see pictures and when I saw we were on your website I wanted to write a comment.
We talk about Santorini and our wedding all the time- everyone dies over our photos!
We are expecting a baby in the next couple of weeks so we are just so excited! Let us know when you may be in the states this next year… We are wanting family pics with the new baby and I want to do some pics for the baby… I have to say when I talk to to photographers here I just compare them all to you!!! 😃
Anyway, you captures the best days of our lives so far…we love love all your photos.

Anna and Alex


I want to say a huge thank you for the photos! I cannot believe how absolutely beautiful they are! You captured absolutely everything and each moment perfectly. It is so much fun looking through them and remember the amazing night! Your ability to capture our friends and family’s emotions and expressions is magical. Cannot express how grateful we are for your whole team, your creativity and absolutely beautiful photographs.
The photos are absolutely incredible….honestly I’m at a bit of a loss for words, I can’t believe every moment was captured at just the right moment and just how beautiful it all turned out. I’ve shared a few with friends and they can’t believe it. It brings me joy just looking through them, as if I’m there on the day. I can’t think of a better result than that!
Thank you again for everything! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you! We will certainly keep in touch.

All the best. Love

Vash and Rakhee

Dear George,

The photos you have taken are amazing! You have captured so many treasured moments, and in every single photo there is a natural smile from our wedding guests. We don’t know how managed to take all these photos so discretely. It seems you did not miss one guest out! We appreciate how hard you worked, the long hours and the effort you made on Friday and Saturday. We are extremely happy to have chosen you as our wedding photographer!
Thank you for all the website links you have sent us and the download ones. We know the guests will love and appreciate them.
Thank you