I m George Pahountis, I m a professional wedding photographer, and I love to shoot happy dreamy, to the heart images.

As a photographer my goal is to give you something really good, as expected,

and as for myself as an artist, just those few images that would really touch your heart, and keep you looking.

a bit more 

I have been a professional  photographer since 1999 in my own studio.My love for photography began years ago, since my teenage years.

I m a graduate of  William Paterson University   where I got my B.F.A. in Art. During my stay in the United States I have assisted as a freelancer  to many Advertising and fashion photographers in New York, New Jersey area,

having worked with Rodney Smith amongst them.

I have worked as an editorial-advertising photographer with many Magazines and advertising agencies, such as Olympic DDB , Magnet, Cream, Spot thomson, Plaisio Computers, Maison Decoration, Elle, Athinorama, Status and many more.

Please also connect with me in my  Facebook page and also my instagram feed.

Thank you for the visit